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 Lifetime                             2007
Back side of the moon       2009
 Waterstock - 2010             2010
 Shut up and listen              2011
  Shut up and get up            2012
   Back to the blues vol:1       2014
   Back to the blues vol:2       2015
  Back to the blues vol:3       2017
   Two GUitars in One Soul    2018
  Alive and Kickin                  2019

Van Galen Band

For support and endorsemennts:

Fender, Marshall Gibson. 

Signature guitars, Music Man,Yamaha,Korg, Deglitch

Hamond B3,Korg Sampler and Grand piano.

Takamine,Guild ,Shure, Line Six,Elexir,

Art D'Addario, Cubase & Pro Tools and Analog Tape.

Thank-you to the following-

Friends, fans for their love and support.

God Bless.

Recorded at VGB studios  USA.

John Tlusty/JTMusic – Technical Assistance

Produced by Van Galen.

Additional Engineering and Cubase , Pro Tools and Analog Tape.

Carter Donovan,Paul Waldmann,Rob Cox.

Mixed and Masterng  by Van Galen and Jeff Perry

Van Galen- Guitars  &Vocal’s

Jaki Bell- keyboards , Piano & Vocal’s

Trip-solo vocal  & harmonic.

Marc Turner-Drums.

Steve John-Bass.

Barnett Lee-Percussion.

J.P Guitar of  You (Life)

Zulfgar Baghirov Saxophon

All song registrate by ASCAP


Copyright © Van Galen.

All rights reserved.

Van Galen band office Tell:+1(571) 340 4841



Special Thanks to:

Wooden Wizard –Larry Smoak, for  setup My Giutars.

Mike Stephens for my Van Galen custom Signature guitars 

Dennis Genovese-Get Free Production Orlando FL-USA

 Ashley Blanco.


Copyright ©All rights reserved.The Copyright in this sound recording is owned by Van Galen and Van Galen Band-USA.

VGB recording studio.Producer : Van Galen.

All rights of the producer and owner of the recorded work reserved.Copyright ©  Van Galen  and Van Galen Band USA


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